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Station 2: Lara RSL

Walking Circle: To The Four Winds

  • Lara RSL 2 Rennie St Lara, VIC, 3212 Australia (map)

Station Open: 3:00pm - 5:00pm

LARA RSL - an historic site at the start of the bike path.

To The Four Winds

Preliminary Drawing

To The Four Winds is a walking circle installation of handmade pinwheels.

"If one calls bricolage the necessity of borrowing one's concept from the text of a heritage which is more or less coherent or ruined, it must be said that every discourse is bricoleur." Derrida, Jacques. "Structure, Sign, and Play in the Discourse of the Human Sciences"

Inspired by the Mountain to Mouth  theme of air, the installation is an array of pinwheels assembled from recycled materials and animated by the movement of air. Constructed from discarded classical album covers (whose contents also once spun) on a foundation of hardback books (the signifiers of Western thought), the pinwheels are overprinted with text/words that refer to the meanings of the word “Lara”.


The wind will be a deconstructing device, arbitrarily moving the pinwheels and making the text alternately (un)readable. The ephemeral installation is  both playful and conceptual, with references to concrete poetry of Ian Hamilton Finlay, the ruinous places of Lara, bricolage, Duchamp’s rotoreliefs, colonialism and language. Made of paper and books, the pinwheels disseminate text to the four winds. The installation functions as a meditation on the imposition of text in a site that is loaded with layers of memory from the land of the Wadawurrung balug, to the primitive Methodists, the RSL and its historical collection, and the newly constructed library on the other side of the tracks impermanence in the over-riding presence of the wind.  


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