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Moorpanyal Park to Steampacket Gardens

Distance: 6.7km
Times: 6:55pm - 8:20pm (1hr 25min)

This path is mostly flat, however there are some steep climbs and descents. This path also changes between gravel, sealed, roadsides and grassed nature strips.

In the dark, this path takes walkers through more of Geelong's industry at night, through a mix of factories, docks, old street scapes and people's front gardens and showcasing the shoreline of Corio Bay. At Rippleside Park, the walk joins the Bob McGovern Path, which hugs the shoreline and passes by bobbing boats, travels out to sea via the Western Beach Boardwalk. Walkers will be welcomed into Geelong’s beautiful Waterfront, just in time for the second half of Geelong After Dark.

As you get close to the City centre, this part of the walk gets really ‘arty’. Between Rippleside Park and Steampacket Gardens, you will meet many of Jan Mitchell's famous Bollards of Geelong, including Nancy Nattynickers. Keep an eye out for the miniature bronze Peruvian statues perched on the rocks near Cunningham Pier – Jenda Bucek based the characters on Robert Ingpen’s book Voyage of the Poppykettle. And it won’t be hard to miss the famous ‘North Sculpture’ by Mark Stoner.  

On arriving at Steampacket Gardens you are walking on part of the race track that was used for the  50km World Race Walk in 2006 - in which Australian Champion Nathan Deakes smashed the World Waking Record by 16 seconds. No pressure! There is a plaque in the sea wall just near the buoys commemorating this incredible achievement.