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M~M Gathering of the City: Geelong Connected Communities

  • Steampacket Gardens Australia (map)

Gathering of the City Geelong Connected Communities welcomes Canoe and the walkers to city centre as a highlight of Geelong After Dark. The ceremony begins at 8.10pm, Friday 6 May, at Steampacket Gardens.

Dancers from all parts of the city converge as Canoe and its entourage of walkers and flag bearers enter Steampacket Gardens after their walk from the You Yangs. The dancers gather people together to join in a dance that celebrates Mountain to Mouth’s 2016 theme of AIR.

Be ready to move your feet and enjoy the moment in the timeless tradition of dance.

Margie Mackay - Director

Gilbert Douglas - Choreographer

Jacqui Dreessens - Assistant Choreographer

Danny Krivan - Soundtrack

Phil Lethlean - Lighting

Sally Laver - Sound


  • Ceremonies will be filmed and photographed - please advise camera operators on the day if you do not wish to participate.