Margie Mackay answers 5 Questions about M~M

Photographer: Ed Sloane

Margie Mackay, Artistic Director, answers 5 Questions about Mountain to Mouth

1. What attracted you to Mountain to Mouth?

I sense the potential for people to come together to do an activity, beyond the normal every day. It creates a space for community and connection that transports people in unexpected ways. Mountain to Mouth helps to give the space and time in the busyness of the everyday. And the 2018 theme Earth adds to the sense of contemplation of our place in the world and the land and the way we care for Earth.

2. Favourite part of Mountain to Mouth?

Too hard to do one favourite part – so many highlights! From the beauty of the You Yangs and the Gathering of the Elders to looking at each of the amazing installations that pop up along the way. A real highlight is when Canoe is finally burnt and sent out to sea. Such an atmospheric and moving moment that it captures everyone in a moment of rare beauty.

3. What should participants look out for as they walk all or part of Mountain to Mouth?

Keep your eyes peeled! There will be unexpected things happening along the route. There are performers who will pop up in unexpected places and I would also say keep an eye and ear out for the flora and fauna that surrounds you as there are some extraordinary habitats that surround you, so close to the city.

4. Most moving part of Mountain to Mouth?

The most moving part is when you see the importance of this event to the community and how much people are willing to put their shoulder to it, in a way, and to come together to create Mountain to Mouth because without the community, this event doesn’t exist.

5. If you could be a Walking Circle, which one would you be?

Gosh! That is really hard! I would perhaps be a little bit of every one. In terms of site, I’d probably be Limeburners (Lagoon, Songline Station 3) because it’s a space that has really captured my imagination with fantastic artists (Ingrid Petterson and Lance Youston) working on a beautiful Earthship (there). In terms of what might nourish certain part of my hunger is Lara with Emma Anna’s beautiful installation of vegetables. In terms of what might nurture my spirit is all of them – extraordinary carvings, beautiful projections, amazing interactive performative elements, down to the giant ice droplets that will be melting down at Ocean Grove reminding us that the oceans are rising. Every Walking Circle has its own beauty”

Margie’s 2018 Mountain to Mouth Artistic Direction is here. To read more about Margie Mackay, visit her website.