Groundplane Opera will land in McLeod Street North Geelong

There will be more than Lights On in the Industrial area of North Geelong as you walk this land Friday night 4 May as a part of Mountain to Mouth.

Groundplane Opera, a project initiative from Deakin University (lead artists Annie Wilson and Cameron Bishop) use creative arts to intervene in and activate the spaces left behind in the post-industrialised Geelong.

The Industrial precinct is re-imagined with singing, projections, Ford cars, poetry and Mountain to Mouth walkers following Canoe.

Like Mountain to Mouth, Groundplane Opera is temporary, contrary and celebratory as it charts a future through the heart of Geelong’s industrial precinct. It challenges us to consider the role of art in recovering and transforming an area that was once the domain of thousands of workers and the role of art in a post-industrial world.