Mountain to Mouth: Art vs. Walking

Artist: Glenn Romanis; Photographer: Jarrod Boord

Here’s the dilemma:

  • You are short on time; 
  • you’ve got young kids not up for walking between stations; 
  • you are limited physically or 
  • you want to celebrate your local community by staying close to home and sharing the amazing artwork created by locals for visitors to the area

Solution? Enjoy the artwork at any of the 12 Songline Stations without having to Walk the Walk.

Mountain to Mouth extreme arts walk extends 80 kms from Big Rock at the You Yangs National Park, to the mouth of the Barwon River at Barwon Heads. 

Along the contemporary songline, you can experience one of three ceremonies; Gathering of the Elders at Big Rock, Gathering of the City at Johnstone Park, where Mountain to Mouth coincides with Geelong After Dark Geelong’s annual night of edgy art, illumination secret, unassuming and unexpected places in Central Geelong; and Gathering of the Elements at Barwon Heads where we say goodbye to the lead ephemeral sculpture, Canoe and begin the journey to Mountain to Mouth 2020.

There are twelve locations to choose:

There are artworks installed at each location listed above. You can enjoy the art and welcome Canoe, the lead ephemeral sculpture as it is carried into, and out of, each location. Artists work with local communities with the help of District Co-ordinators to highlight and celebrate each of the local communities who call the locations home.