Mountain to Mouth: Do you have time? We need you!

Photographer: Dean Walters

Let’s face it: an event isn’t an event without the unsung heroes who donate time, energy and expertise to help realise the vision of the project.

Mountain to Mouth is no different. We understand it takes a dedicated band of like-minded people to ensure the continued success of Mountain to Mouth.

If you have expertise in the following areas, head to the volunteer page of the M~M website and fill out the form.

  • Walker Monitors: You’ll help walkers stay true to the path from Big Rock at the You Yangs to the Mouth of the Barwon River, by keeping them on the right walking path.
  • Walking Circle Monitors: You will help with the arrival of Canoe and the flag bearers as Canoe and the accompanying retinue make their way into, and out of, the Walking Circle. You will also be there for walkers who are heading into, and out of, the Walking Circle.
  • Station Monitors: As a Station Monitor, you’ll assist in the setting and packing up (or, if you are Event Savvy, setting and striking) the each Walking Circle.
  • Shuttle Bus Drivers: There are some who have elected to be bussed from various points a long the walk. If you have an appropriate license, head to the Volunteer page to register.
  • Creating art, engaging local communities: Walking Circle artists and District Co-ordinators are always on the look-out for people willing to help.

Click here and register your interest now.