Top 5 reasons to go to Mountain to Mouth 2016 this weekend

1 - Art like you've never seen it before!

From beaches to farmlands to wetlands to ancient mountaintops, prepare to experience extreme arts in extreme and unexpected environments.  The ephemeral art installations at Mountain to Mouth 2016 vary dramatically in style, genre and aesthetic.

They reflect the history of the area as well as addressing issues facing the environment of their setting. Mountain to Mouth 2016 is an unmissable chance to view these unique works which exist so temporarily. 


2 - Help us replant the land!

50% of tickets sold to Mountain to Mouth 2016 go towards funding an indigenous revegetation program across the Geelong and Queenscliff region.

This initiative will help retain the regions natural beauty, its biodiversity and ecological future. By walking this land, you're helping to preserve its future.



3 - Discover the land!

This is an opportunity to experience and discover the Geelong and Queenscliff regions in a very personal yet communal way.

The diversity of this region will startle and move you, with iconic coastal beaches, rural farmlands, industrial ports and more all along the route of the walk. This walk allows you to forge a bond with the land and its various intricacies. 



4 - Get fit!

What better way to motivate you to embark upon a significant physical challenge than to see Extreme Arts, protect the environment and discover the land?

The same question with the different aspects of it rearranged can be posed to just as great of an effect. That is what makes Mountain to Mouth so special and unique. You can choose the distance, and you can choose the challenge. 



5 - Connect with history

Discovery is a large component of this event. By witnessing the different areas of the region, you discover more about the nature of its past, its present and the reality of its future through the narratives told by the artists, local historians and indigenous elders. 

One final reason: Mountain to Mouth only occurs every two years, don't miss out!

 Mountain to Mouth (6-7 May) is Geelong's multi-award winning journey of discovery, an 80km walk over two days and 11 stages. Register Now