Mountain to Mouth unveils 8 Week Walking Program to prepare for 2016 event

Mountain to Mouth 2016, Geelong's multi-award winning 80km extreme arts walk is set to kick off in just 8 weeks. In order to help participants prepare, we have put together an 8 week walking program, in conjunction with the City of Greater Geelong’s Swim Sport and Leisure network. 

Image: G. Van Der Meer

Designed in a flexible manner, the easy-to-follow program works as a guide that can be used by anyone regardless of age and fitness level. The program is designed to cater for a range of different goals, with a guide on how to walk a 5km distance, a 10km distance and more. 

This reflects the very nature of the Mountain to Mouth walk, in that participants can choose the distance and the challenge that suits them. Walk stages vary in distance from 3-14 kilometres each and participants can choose to walk any one or more of these stages, or the whole distance whilst experiencing edgy artworks that celebrate the land.  

The 8 week walking program is ideal for organisations or teams that are considering registering for Mountain to Mouth 2016 as a group. The program gives groups an opportunity to be involved in an enjoyable team-building exercise, improving the health of participants as well as strengthening their relationships. Organisations could schedule “walking meetings” as a way of participating in program in preparation for the event.

Special group (team) prices are available. 2 day “Pilgrim” passes are $450 for a group of 10, whilst 1 day “Standard” passes are $250 for a group of 10. Tickets can be purchased here.