If you would like to Volunteer your time to help with this multi-award winning event...

What roles are needed?

We are looking for volunteers to perform the following roles:

  • WALKER MONITORS - To help M~M walkers stay safe and on the path.
  • WALKING CIRCLE VOLUNTEERS - To assist District Co-ordinators with the arrival and departure of Canoe and Flags, also helping escorting people in and around the Walking Circles
  • STATION VOLUNTEERS – To assist in setting up and packing up the sites.
  • SHUTTLE BUS DRIVERS - To drive M~M walkers between Songline Stations.
  • ART-MAKING VOLUNTEERS – Various tasks determined by nature of artworks and in consultation with District Coordinators/Artists.
  • M~M/GAD PROMOTIONS VOLUNTEERS - Promote the event in Central Geelong prior to the event.
  • CANOE AMBASSADORS – (By invitation only) To carry Canoe, as part of a community team.

When will I be needed?

You will be needed on or before 4-5 May 2018.

What's Next?

Register by this simple 2-step process:

  1. Submit your details by completing the online form on this page.
  2. Attend a Volunteer Briefing Session (mandatory) before the event (dates and times to be announced).

More helpful information will be sent to you when you sign up.

Who can I speak with if I need to know more than this?

Please call our volunteer Co-ordinator on 5272 4703.