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Canoe is Mountain to Mouth’s lead ephemeral artwork. Canoe leads walkers from You Yangs Big Rock, carrying water from the ancient rockwell along the 80 kilometre contemporary songline to the mouth of the Barwon River, at Barwon Heads. The 2016 Canoe Commission is made possible by funding from the Australia Council for the Arts.

Following a national and international call out to artists, Papua New Guinean artist, Leonard Tebegetu and Australian artist, Mahony Maia Kiely have been jointly awarded the commission. Their partnership was forged in July 2015 at the Pacific Games and this partnership will continue for Mountain to Mouth 2016. Built of bamboo and cane, Canoe 2016 will be delicate yet strong, light yet resilient. Both artists bring different skills to the process and will share these with local artists in practical workshops offered.

Gathering of the Elders

Gathering of the Elders at You Yangs Big Rock begins Mountain to Mouth 2016 with a ceremony acknowledging the land and the ancestors in whose footsteps we walk.

Central to the ceremony, is the unveiling of  Canoe - the ephemeral lead artwork that carries water from the ancient rockwell at Big Rock, along the 80 kilometre contemporary songline, to rejoin the ocean.

For this ceremony, we stand in silence, connecting to this special place, looking out across the land, acknowledging where we come from and where we will travel to from here.

Gathering of the Elders commences at 12.30pm, Friday 6 May and concludes with a rousing farewell to the walkers as they begin their journey to the river mouth at Barwon Heads.


Ceremony Artists

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Gathering of the City Geelong Connected Communities

Gathering of the City Geelong Connected Communities welcomes Canoe and the walkers to city centre as a highlight of Geelong After Dark. The ceremony begins at 8.10pm, Friday 6 May, at Steampacket Gardens.

Dancers from all parts of the city converge as Canoe and its entourage of walkers and flag bearers enter Steampacket Gardens after their walk from the You Yangs. The dancers gather people together to join in a dance that celebrates Mountain to Mouth’s 2016 theme of AIR.

Be ready to move your feet and enjoy the moment in the timeless tradition of dance.


Ceremony Artists

Gathering of the Elements

Gathering of the Elements at the mouth of the Barwon River from 6pm on Saturday 7 May is a ceremony of completion, acknowledging those elements that came together to support our journey both as individuals and as a community on Mountain to Mouth 2016.

In an expression of gratitude, this ceremony returns the precious water carried in Canoe from Big Rock, across 80 kilometres, to where river meets sea, where freshwater and salt become one, at the point of change and exchange, marking endings and beginnings, acknowledging rhythm and flow, standing in past, present and future, for this one moment together.



Walking Circle Artists

Twelve Walking Circles mark resting points for Mountain to Mouth’s lead processional image - Canoe - and walkers as they travel the M~M 80 kilometre contemporary songline. Each Walking Circle features an ephemeral artwork commissioned from a Geelong regional artist. For M~M2016, the artworks respond to the place they are installed and to the overarching theme for M~M2016 - Air.

M~M@GAD Artists

Story Vessel Artists

“What an incredible experience! …That was the hardest, most beautiful, and rewarding event I have ever worked on.”

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