Esther Konings-Oakes

Esther Konings-Oakes
Photo by ARO Photography

Esther Konig Oakes recently completed her Masters of Art in Public Spaces at RMIT University, and undertook a study tour to Shanghai, China where she investigated aspects of community art practice and compared them to her experiences in the Geelong region. She has worked on many projects in Geelong and Melbourne and also teaches Art and Developing an Arts Practice at Cloverdale Community Centre.

In 2014 Esther joined the team at the City of Greater Geelong as a Coordinator/Artist for the Mountain to Mouth Extreme Arts walk. She has been an M~M District Co-ordinator since then, and was a Walking Circle Artist that year.

Esther has a deep love of the North Geelong community where she lives; and a love of science and the environment. She wholeheartedly believes this project is a unique and important work.

Its strength lies in using the art of the sublime to create beautiful ceremonies these, by their enchanting nature, unite fragments of community into a common goal - To walk this land together.
— Esther Konig Oakes