Connecting Song

Connecting Song is an inspiring place-based song writing opportunity like no other. Three unsigned music acts will be selected to work with one of three outstanding mentors who are also from the Geelong region.

Each mentor and emerging artist team will choose a Geelong locality along the Mountain to Mouth 80km contemporary songline, for example, the industrial north, or city centre, or coast or farmland. The three selected music acts – solo artists, groups, bands etc - each record a song and create a film clip about the location. Each clip is then debuted at Geelong After Dark, 5 May 2017.

Connecting Song is a new initiative by the City of Greater Geelong to support emerging musicians in this region, and is supported by Creative Victoria through its Music Works programme.


Green Corridor

Mountain to Mountain is bringing ecology into Geelong’s Extreme Arts Walk, through the creation of a long term vision to revegetate the local habitat with plantings of Indigenous species of grasses, trees and shrubs.  Our “Green Corridor” strategy is connecting local communities and revegetation organisations together to care for the eleven songline corridors across the 80km walk, so that the region can retain its natural beauty. In the future, the installation of Mountain to Mouth walking maps and signage at a number of sites will encourage all year walking of this contemporary songline.