Meme McDonald

Meme McDonald

In 2007, Meme was engaged as Artistic Director of Connecting Identities to envisage the concept for a three year arts project that could address the issue of identity in a rapidly changing post-industrial Geelong. In consultation with traditional owners and Arts & Culture Department, Meme proposed Mountain to Mouth as an extreme arts walk creating a contemporary songline across Geelong. Meme directed the pilot, Mouth to Mountain, in 2009, and subsequently the multi-award winning M~M2014 and M~M2016.

Matt Bonner

Projection Artist

Matt is a multimedia projection artist based in the Geelong region. He combines his passion and skills in film-making, photography, animation and music to create a visual delight of projection art in public spaces. Matt recently was commissioned by the Borough of Queenscliff to showcase his projection art on the Town Hall building in Queenscliff as part of their 150 years Celebration festival 2013. At this year’s Geelong After Dark event he will be showcasing his work at two different locations in Geelong’s CBD. He will use the theme of Fire and Water to project textures and moving images to create a visual blend of light, colour and some illusion.


Deadly Dancers

Photo by Graeme Harris

Wadawurrung Dancers

The Deadly Dance Troupe consists of Aboriginal children growing up connected and sharing their traditional stories through dance. The children have been performing traditional dance for 3 years and will treat us to the creation dance, show-off dance and the cleansing women’s dance on Saturday following the Welcome to Country and speeches. The Deadly Dancers came 2nd in their category at the VLGA Victorian Reconciliation Week Hart Awards in 2015 so we look forward to seeing this performance from our local young talent.

Daniele Poidonani

Photo by Ketut Suwitra

Puppet Maker - Soft Oyster

Snuff Puppets artistic director, production manager and tour manager as well as puppet designer and builder, giant puppet performer and roaming shows’ director. Building new puppets and progressively developing designs and techniques with for the past 15 years he was also member of the original team that developed the People’s Puppet Projects format making Snuff’s performance style and giant puppets spawn around the globe.

Noise Scavengers


Noise Scavengers are a constantly morphing group of young people from Geelong’s northern suburbs who have been collaborating with James Hullick and the Click Clack Project for a number of years. Industrial, experimental and unpredictable, Noise Scavengers’ latest incarnation could be terrifying or very zen. 

A Noise Scavengers quartet performed at Sonic Flock in the Melbourne Festival alongside professional musicians and artists including Ros Bandt. 

Kaz McGlynn

Visual Artist

Kaz McGlynn is a prolific artist and art educator in a variety of quirky sculptural and visual art methods. She has a passion for working collaboratively with community groups to produce Iconic Public Art that reflects their environment and stories.